Prom Theme Ideas For 2022 That’ll Make The Night Truly Magical

2022-03-11 10:02:41 By : Ms. Diana Qi

Whether you take inspiration from Euphoria or Neverland, it’ll be a night to remember.

Prom season 2022 is almost here, and if you haven’t started thinking about this prom year’s theme, it’s time to get going. There are so many themes that have already been done (looking at you, “starry night”), so you may be itching to try something out of the box. If you need some inspiration, check out these 10 prom themes for 2022 that are fun, unique, and put a fresh twist on some tried-and-true classics.

It’s no secret that Euphoria will be a major prom theme for 2022, but if you want to try something totally timeless yet original, you also have plenty of unique options. You could opt for an ancient Greece theme with elegant decor, including “marble” statues and grape vines, or you could also take a grown-up spin on your favorite fairy tales from when you were younger. Just imagine stepping into the rich world of Alice in Wonderland, completely with rustic tea sets and an intricate garden setting. Or you could explore a lush and eerie Neverland theme, complete with fairy lights strung throughout and pirate decor for the photo booth.

And, look, I know the “starry night” prom theme has been done before, but why not change it up and make it “cosmic”? Instead of only stars, you could hang the entire solar system from the ceiling, or even label different tables as zodiac signs. Honestly, the possibilities with any of these unique prom themes for 2022 are endless, so grab your notebook and jot down the ones you love to bring to student council.

You can’t deny it; Euphoria has some gorgeous, dreamy scenes filled with neon lights and iridescent hues. You could keep the lights dim except for neons in pink, purple, and blue, and you could hang some sparkly silver stars around the room to emulate the Euphoria characters’ glittery makeup looks.

To piggyback off of Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, you could go all out with a Very Peri prom. This trendy purplish blue is so vibrant, it’ll look gorgeous sprinkled throughout the room and make for some gorgeous flower arrangements. For even more fun, you and your friends could try to find Very Peri dresses and even incorporate the color into your makeup.

Head to the second star to the right and you’ll end up in a lush and enchanting prom-worthy paradise. There’s so much potential with a Neverland prom theme, including trees and greenery everywhere, twinkling fairy lights, and maps of the “island” on all the tables.

Take your classmates to a far off galaxy with this space prom theme. Spicy up your venue with neon-lit planets hanging from the ceiling, stardust glitter sprinkled on the tables, and even some (classy) alien decor. You could even set up some fun astronaut props to take photos with.

Think of how majestic it’ll be when you walk into a room full of pastel-colored clouds. You can cover the tables with light blue linens and hang crystal raindrops from the ceiling. All the soft and puffy textures, paired with some dreamy decor, will make for one of the most unforgettable nights of your life.

Not only is an ancient Greece prom theme totally unique, but the possibilities for decor are also endless. You can fill the space with Grecian-style vases and statues, and have the tables overflowing with laurels and grape vines. You could also pay homage to the Greek gods and goddess with interesting art pieces scattered throughout the room.

Let’s be honest: how many chances do you get to attend a masquerade ball in your life? Prom 2022 could be the perfect chance to bling out a mask and wear your fanciest gown. You could even decorate the prom venue with rich velvet curtains and vintage prints for a luxe feel.

A twist on the monochromatic prom party, you and your crew will skip the all white or all black affair and go glam with a rose gold gala. Everything will shimmer in this modern metallic, from glitzy backdrops to glittery table settings. You could even wear a rose gold dress to match the decor.

There’s so much whimsy and color in Alice in Wonderland that it’ll be like walking straight into the Mad Hatter’s tea party when you arrive. You could have brightly colored tea pots and cups on every table, and create an indoor garden with flowers of all kinds and colors. Plus, how fun would it be to create a Wonderland-themed wall for photos?

Imagine how much fun it’ll be to step into an under-the-sea themed prom venue, filled with tropical blues and brightly-colored fish. You could create centerpieces that look like bubbles, or set up “coral reefs” throughout the room to really nail the effect.

The Northern Lights are one of the most gorgeous natural phenomena in the world, but very few of us get to see it. So why not recreate a wintery landscape with a gem-toned sky for prom? You could project green, blue, and purple lights onto the walls and ceiling, and cover the floor with “snow.”

A vintage circus theme could be both unique and really fun to put together. You could set up some of the retro decor you’d find in an old school circus, and pass out popcorn in red and white striped boxes. You could even have “three rings” — one where you’d eat dinner, one for dancing, and one for photos.

Throw it back to the ‘80s for prom 2022 with neon colors so bright that you may have to shield your eyes. On top of the fun colors, you can decorate your venue with geometric prints and have everyone heading to the dance floor with all of the classic hits from Madonna, Prince, and more.

You can’t have a Hollywood affair without all the glitz and glam. This red carpet prom theme could start off with a red carpet (of course) leading you into the venue, which could be filled with black and gold decor. And don’t forget to have plenty of photo walls and booths for a star-worthy event.

Set in the glamorous 1920s, The Great Gatsby prom theme has the potential to be ultra extravagant. You could decorate the tables with “gold” plates and utensils, and hang sparkling chandeliers from the ceilings. And be sure to fill the whole place up with pillar candles to complete the decor.